Fume Hoods in Chennai

Sterile Air systems is one of the leading Fume Hood Manufacturers in Chennai. Our high-quality laboratory fume hood is built with superior materials and thoroughly evaluated under the supervision of quality experts. Fume hoods are among the lab's most trustworthy technological controls. Fume hoods safeguard lab users by containing the gases, dust, and vapors generated inside the hood. The fumes dissolve when air enters a fume hood and leaves via the laboratory exhaust system. Our areas of expertise are standard and custom fume hoods. Fume hoods are most commonly utilized in laboratories where toxic or harmful substances escape during testing or research. In addition to being used in industrial settings and other settings where toxic or noxious vapors, fumes, or dusts are produced or released, they are also used to protect the user. Our fume hoods are expertly constructed from premium materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, PVC, and galvanized iron. We employ modern techniques and equipment to ensure the fume hoods operate as safely as effectively as possible.

Fume Hood Manufacturers in Chennai