Air Shower in Chennai

Sterile Air Systems is one of the leading Air Shower Manufacturers in Chennai. We supply a wide range of air showers to meet the needs of our customers. Our air showers are built to last since they are made of the highest quality components. Additionally, we provide you a variety of options and functions so you may customize your air shower to meet your specific needs. Before entering a clean room, an air shower is a tool used to remove particles from the surfaces of people or things. It uses filtered, high-pressure air to create a turbulent airflow that eliminates and removes pollutants. In general, the air shower consists of a little room with two doors one leading to the outside and the other to the clean room. Only one door may be open at a time due to its connection. By doing this, toxins outside the clean room are prevented from getting. Every one of our cleanroom air showers is put together, tested, and provided straight from the factory following thorough quality control inspections. This fully self-contained, microprocessor-controlled equipment has blowers, motors, controllers, interlocking doors, lighting, and electrical panels in addition to air filtering systems. In addition to offering air showers in a variety of sizes and packaging, we can create custom designs to fit your specific needs.

Air Shower Manufacturers in Chennai